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Storytelling is one the most powerful ways to inspire & learn. The stories shared here are from my or a client’s home to give you examples of how parenting by connection can look in action. Details have been changed to protect the privacy of our collective children.

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Perfectionism is fear. Fear of being unlovable, incapable, disapproved of, or “defective.” Our pep talks aren’t always enough to dissolve this fear — in our child or in ourselves. Motherhood can kick up our own perfectionist tendencies. These fears ARE normal, but they don’t have to run the show for you OR your child. Laughter & play can help refuel a sense of confidence, especially when learning something new.

Using play to work through your child's perfectionism: how play can lighten the fear and tension that come with learning something new
What to do when your child says I hate you
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Do you feel defeated when your child says “I hate you”? The most important thing you can do is to focus on the emotion driving the behavior—not the behavior itself. You can do this through a process called co-regulation, allowing you to restore your child’s sense of safety within their nervous system and get you back on the same team once again.

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