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"With Ali's help, I've learned so much about being secure in myself, processing emotions, and seeing/reflecting on how my childhood has shaped me. I've also learned that I can move past that and go forward and do better for my children. One of the biggest things I've taken away from Ali is that so much of parenting is actually about the parent. Doing that deep work and reflection with Ali's help has been vital for me to be able to take in and apply all of the beautiful child development, brain science, and parenting tools we learned together. Ali was there with compassion, peace, gentle kindness, and understanding every step of the way, and she made our conversations such a safe place, where I felt very comfortable to be open, honest, and vulnerable to do the personal work needed. She has a gift for asking just the right questions to help me think through and process the things we are learning and find ways to apply them to my life and family successfully. I have read many parenting books, I follow multiple positive parenting accounts on social media, and nothing has ever come close to being as helpful as working with Ali. It may sound dramatic, but working with Ali has honestly been life-changing for both my family and me."

Morgan Hadley

Mom of two girls, 2 & 4

"From the initial meet and greet, Ali was warm, inviting, and extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. I immediately felt at peace and felt like she was fully capable of helping us with our 9, 7, and 4-year-old children. Once the class started, I found the materials helpful, but it was Ali’s take on them and her knowledge and experience that really helped us. We were able to utilize so many of her suggestions and tools that we saw a shift in our daughter’s behavior almost immediately. (Our daughter was the “problem child” we started the class with). The change in how we communicate with all our children and see them as these little humans has been the reason our children are listening and trusting more, as we are stopping the pattern of yelling and aggression and using the tools provided by Ali and the class. I am enjoying my relationship with all my children, especially my daughter, and I can feel the shift in her. We aren’t afraid of each other anymore! She’s not afraid I’ll blow my top, and I’m not afraid of her “moods” (understanding her way of communicating). Ali and this class have single-handedly changed the trajectory of my relationship with my kids. I highly recommend reaching out to Ali even if your children are seemingly perfect. You’ll see them and their ways of communicating in a whole new light, and it will be the best thing you can do for you and them."

Laura Grubb

Mom of 3 children, 9, 7, & 4

"I worked with Ali, and by “worked,” I mean I got vulnerable. That doesn’t come easy for me by nature. Her guidance and gentleness led me into a place of such support and trust that vulnerability was completely seamless. As I worked with her, we unbraided many areas of stumbling blocks. She helped open my eyes past those blocks into their exact nature. Then, she armed me with the tools for acceptance and action. Ever reminding me perfection is an unattainable state; it is only one we strive for. Those mistakes break down a false belief, and a new belief or practice can replace those. Ali gave me the tools for change, self-forgiveness, and growth. My life was touched and changed through her."

Cindy Williford

Mom of two women, 37 & 34

"Ali was great to work with. She helped my wife and me navigate a challenging time with our little ones. Her class is really about a shift in perspective, and Ali really helped that shift take place. I am a better parent having taken this class; it's as simple as that."

Ben Siegel

Dad of two boys, 3 & 6

"With a little bit of internet sleuthing, you'll quickly realize that Ali happens to be my wife. You may think that the only reason I'm offering this testimonial is because I'm married to Ali. In a way, that's right. For the past half decade, I've watched my wife embark on a journey to not only become the best parent she can be to our three (insane) children, but to learn how to coach others to do the same. It's been rather remarkable. She stays up late reading scientific journals, agonizing over which strategies to employ during which types of tantrums and replaying in her mind every parenting decision she made the previous day until she's reasoned how she could have done it better. Frankly, it's exhausting to watch. This testimonial is even more unexpected because I was initially skeptical of her parenting philosophy, so much so that it resulted in lots of late nights of animated conversation and alcohol consumption. But she was right. (Surprise!) Her method of parenting not only strengthens her bond with our kids, but helps them thrive as the confident creatures they are. She's so good that her skills have even rubbed off on me, permeating my dense skull, to the same effect. Unfortunately, you cannot marry my wife, but you can pay for her coaching, which is a good consolation prize. God bless."

Taylor Tepper

Dad of three children, 9m, 3, & 7

“Anyone who works with Ali has the opportunity to have their lives touched by pure light. Ali has many gifts to offer as a person, and life coach. She knows what it means to truly partner with others and create synergy. Ali works at a pace needed for amazing outcomes, and listen with her whole heart. Most of all, Ali provides a safe place to bless the lives of individuals, couples, and families and to help them to grow.”

Katy Rushton

Coach Educator & BCC

"I started working with Ali—even though I'm not yet a parent—because I wanted to be as prepared as possible. And, to be honest, I was terrified of having children because I was afraid I might "mess them up." I wanted to know what to expect, and I wanted to know how best to support my future child in times of stress and uncertainty. I'm not a parent, but I am a person with relationships, and the lessons Ali taught me were truly transformative. They helped me understand people better—and therefore be able to connect with them on a deeper level. I learned how to be a better friend, a better partner, and a more compassionate human being.

As an aunt to two young ones (and a third on the way!), I learned how to listen, how to think about a situation from a child's perspective, and how to be present and playful. I learned how to be there for a child when they're feeling unsafe and how to not only hear what they're saying or doing but understand why they're saying or doing it.

Finally, I learned that Ali is not just a friend but a mentor. It's hard to find people in life who can show you new ways of thinking about yourself and those around you, but Ali did exactly that for me. She is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn a new and better way of parenting that's based on real science. She's incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and vulnerability comes naturally. This work has been so helpful for me, and I know it will be for you too."

Madison Kinnard

Aunt to two girls, 6 and 2; considering parenthood

"Ali is absolutely wonderful! She has such a beautiful calm spirit. I’d been dipping my toes into peaceful parenting and looking around for a coach. I knew after talking to Ali that she was the perfect fit for me and my family. She feels like a friend and it is refreshing to connect with her and go through the parenting struggles and wins of the week. Her approach is fluid and not at all daunting. The course she supplies is jam-packed full of really wonderful information and parenting resources. I encountered a very sombering life experience while working with Ali and she was so full of love and empathy that truly came through so authentically in her emails and our calls. If you are considering working with Ali, you will not be disappointed! Parenting is one of the hardest most rewarding experiences that we are blessed with in this life and it is most definitely worth the investment."

Scarlett Lawrence

Mom of 3 children, 8, 4, & 1
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